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HMIT Belly & Thigh Pad Trainer Set
HMIT Belly & Thigh Pad Trainer Set
Our Price: $279.99

For serious trainers.  Hand made in Thailand with premium cowhide leather (most other brands use synthetic or "skintex") & dense padding this set is built to take a beating.  This set allows the trainer to work students in all forms of body attacks (punches, Kicks, Knees) and the Thigh protection allows for live low kicking with power.  All while protecting the trainer.  This set and a pair of Thai pads or mitts allows for the most realistic training. OSFM
HMIT Muay Thai Boxing Mini Mitts
HMIT Mini Mitts
Our Price: $119.99

Hand made In Thailand these mini punch mitts will help develop hand speed and increase accuracy.  Constructed with with thick durable cowhide leather & high density padding they are built to last.
HMIT Lace Up Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
HMIT Lace Up Boxing Gloves
Our Price: $109.99

Hand Made in Thailand built for competition but a fighters choice in the gym aswell. The Lace up closure allows for a custom fit to any athlete and amazing support. A true thing of beauty perfect balance of power & protection.
There is No Tomorrow T-Shirt Combat Corner Professional
No Tomorrow T-Shirt
Our Price: $23.99

Just like the Combat Corner Professional Fighters wear.  Represented by some of Todays Top Professionals.  Some inspiring words from Apollo Creed
Hard Work Dedication Dry Fit MMA, BJJ Training Shirt
Hard Work Dedication Dry Fit
Our Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $44.99
You save $5.00!

Amazing lightweight moisture management & antimicrobial loose fit training top.  Sport shoulder design allows for maximum movement and is Perfect for Grappling, Boxing, Strength Training or any other athletic activity.  100% dye sublimated will never crack or peel and creates an ultra comfortable feel.
Grappling Spats and Rash Guard for BJJ & MMA
Grappling Spats & Rash Guard Set
Our Price: $110.00
Sale Price: $99.99
You save $10.01!

Set includes Hard Work Dedication Grappling Spats and Long Sleeve Rash Guard
BJJ Long Sleeve Rash Guard Hard Work Dedication
Hard Work Dedication L/S Rash Guard
Our Price: $59.99

You want to be the best it takes Hard Work & Dedication.  This rash guard is not just an awesome fitting piece of training equipment but it will remind you what it takes to get to were you want to go.
Throwing and Ground and Pound dummy
Throw and G&P Dummy
Our Price: $119.99
Sale Price: $99.99
You save $20.00!

Throwing and Ground and Pound dummy is perfect for an assortment of martial arts training drills.  Practice throws, takedowns, ground and pound drills, flow rolling, solo training, and perfect for fitness programs as well.  50 lbs.
GelMaxâ„¢ HandWraps for Boxing
GelMax™ HandWraps
Our Price: $24.99

GelMax™ hand wraps are a convenient replacement to traditional hand wraps with added protection of gel directly over the knuckles. Easy slip on and off design with a velcro closure.
Grappling Spats for BJJ & MMA
Grappling Spats
Our Price: $49.99


Grappling spats will protect you from minor injuries such as scratches, grazes and burns which can come from the mat or your opponents clothing. This means your skin will also be guarded against germs harbouring in the mat during grappling.